Steve Bannon: Okay. I wanna return noe to Dr. Mike Yeadon. Formerly of Pfizer. Dr. Yeadon, there’s gonna be a fire, I don’t know about the rest of the world but I can guarantee you there is going to be a firestorm starting in August. In this Nation, the United States of America. When the mothers in this country that have already been up on this whole mask situation and Critical Race Theory at the school board level. When they go back and according to Dr. Fauci, this is not Steven K. Bannon, this is Fauci’s interviews with Savannah Guthrie at the Morning Show at NBC. The Today Show. Also what he told the AP. That they’re gonna start vaccinating the 12-15 year olds, the kids in middle school and high school as soon as they get back in the fall and that the school children will be vaccinated by the end of the year. His words, not Bannon’s. I want you to walk through, there’s gonna be a firestorm because this is not the anti vaxx crowd. I’m talking about the vaccine hesitant mothers, right, joined with the anti vaxxers and that’s to me is two thirds of the country. two thirds of the mothers. Walk us through your thoughts about this vaccine, particularly for adolescence and for school aged children and younger.

Dr. Michael Yeadon: Certainly. So just to reiterate, I’m off the industry, my whole career. And I’m generally pro vaccine but I’m pro safety and these COVID-19 vaccines are not safe. Very briefly, they’re not safe because the gene based design makes your body manufacture virus spike protein. And we know, and we’ve known for years, the virus spike proteins trigger blood clots. So there’s plenty of literature. No one can fault the statement I just made. Dr. Vodguard (sp?) and I wrote to the European Medicines Agency, in December, pointing that out. So that’s a fundamental problem. About 75% of the adverse events that occur after vaccination, which are very much higher than usual, relate to thromboembolic events. That is blood clots and bleedings. What I just said about the design and the property of spike protein exactly matches the serious adverse events that are emerging. Now here’s the real problem I’ve got, Steve. And I’m a father and a grandfather. Young people are susceptible to COVID-19. If they acquire the virus, they usually have no symptoms and they shrug it off very easily. So they’re not at risk. It’s a crazy thing then to vaccinate them with something that is actually 50 times more likely to kill them than the virus itself.

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