CNN has been pushing COVID fear porn since the beginning, pushing vaccines since Biden took office. Their ratings and viewership have basically been in free fall and now their guests aren’t even buying it anymore.

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Alisyn Camerota: Jeanine, tell me about your hesitancy. What’s it based on?

Jeanine Younes: I’ve had COVID in February so I have natural immunity. There’s no reason for me to get the vaccine. There’s no reason f or me to take the vaccine doses from vulnerable people in this country or other countries who need it more than I do.

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Alisyn Camerota: You just don’t know how long you natural immunity will last.

Jeanine Younes: You don’t know how long the immunity from the vaccine lasts. This has taken on a religious mentality in my opinion on the progressive liberal side of the spectrum.

Alisyn Camerota: Has this experience with COVID changed your politics?

Jeanine Younes: Yes it’s changed my politics. Now I’ll vote for anybody who cares about civil liberties and doesn’t allow the trampling of our rights that we’ve seen over the past year.

Alisyn Camerota: Jennifer, I see you applauding. So tell me your thoughts?

Jennifer Bridges: I’m loving hearing her talk right now. Everything she says I basically agree with.

QuickSilva: I was really applauding the young lady who said something about, just taking away our First Amendment rights. Not only am I a DJ, I am a club owner. What this did to businesses, a lot of businesses will never recover. I know the government tried to do certain PPP but all the big major billion dollar Fortune 500 companies, they got all the big grants. A lot of us small businesses, especially Black owned businesses, we were left with crumbs. And you get what you can get in that. You gotta pay it back. I mean it just, all of this has become so unfair and so political and I think that’s why there’s this distrust because we see that people are doing things now not for health reasons but for business reasons.

Alisyn Camerota: And last Jennifer, your boss says that everybody needs to get the vaccine by June 7th, or lose their job. Are you willing to lose your job as a result of not getting it?

Jennifer Bridges: Absolutely. I’ve actually had multiple companies reach out to wanna hire me now cuz they respect the fact of what an advocate I’m being. And I’m totally prepared to lose my job.

QuickSilva: She’s willing to lose her job for something she believes in. I respect that more than someone who does something just because the world says it’s the right thing to do