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Cop Sues The NFL Over Alleged Implication He Criminally Killed ‘Say His Name” Hero

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An Indianapolis police officer filed a lawsuit agains the NFL over video and tweets they published last year claiming the man he shot after a pursuit was killed because of “systemic racism.”

The NFL’s “Say Their Stories” campaign featured Dreasjon Reed in December.

Officer De’Joure Mercer’s attorney wrote in the lawsuit that the materials the league published imply that Mercer “committed occupational misconduct and even criminal acts during the May 6 (e)ncounter with Reed, similar to that which were inflicted upon George Floyd.”  He continued, “For NFL Enterprises then to suggest he was involved in police or racist misconduct is totally false, defamatory and unacceptable. What happened here has nothing to do with racism.”

Let’s examine this hero of the left, Dreasjon Reed.  Police attempted to stop Reed after seeing him drive recklessly, he failed to yield and a pursuit ensured.  Reed decided the right thing to do would be to livestream the pursuit on Facebook rather than pulling over.

When he did stop his vehicle, he got out and ran from police. Police say a taser was deployed but it was ineffective.  Thats when Reed fired twice from his handgun at officers, forcing Officer Mercer to return fire, killing him.

Reed’s handgun was located at the scene. Two expended shell casings matching his gun were found with it. A Grand Jury examined the case in November, 2020 and decided not to bring criminal charges against Mercer.  He is still employed with the Indianapolis Police.

This is not a case of injustice or racism, this is the case of a criminal who first fled, then shot at police and got killed.  He is not a hero, a martyr, or someone we should memorialize. He was an attempted cop killer.

This is also who BLM and the left say is a victim of “racist killer police.”  They want you to say his name. BLM is nothing more than a Marxist movement propping up criminals as heroes in an attempt to divide America.

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