Many people are now going on record about their adverse reactions to what the Leftist cultists have been calling the ‘Fauci Ouchie’. Take listen to what they have to say. Their stories may shock you.


“I’ve never been an anti vaxxer. I have received every vaccination possible. I received my Pfizer vaccination. I was ready to do it for my family, for my community and for me to get back to my career. I started to feel dizzy. I had heart palpitations. Felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was having these shaking fits and I would explain it as my body just violently shaking. I think they thought I was crazy. I really do think that thought I was crazy until, UNTIL I found others like me and was able to tell them. Look, I’m not the only one suffering this guys. Like there are more people that this is happening to” – Kristi Dobbs, Missouri

“I am pro vaccine and pro science. I received Moderna and my legs wobbled. I literally looked down to see that I had legs but they were not there, they were not functional. I couldn’t feel my feet. I couldn’t feel anything from the waist down. I set her down and gave her my will and I actually recorded it so that my son wouldn’t have to go through, if I didn’t make it. I feel like I’m an accordion. Like my body is just going snap and fold up and then placed in a little box. The one doctor, that was in charge of my case, told me to get used to being handicapped. You can tell me all things that I haven’t had but you can’t tell me what I have had and I can tell you that I’ve had the vaccination. I guess that’s how I’m going to end it. I’m not gonna stop. I’m not gonna give up and I’m not gonna shut up.” – Candace Hayden, Michigan

If you have any firsthand accounts of an adverse reaction to any of the COVID vaccinations, email us. Contact form below.


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