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“The final thing I’ll just say in terms of just thinking about the convalescent plasma, I mean we really need to look to see what was going on with some of these bureaucrats with the response in terms to COVID. With how they treated things like Hydroxychloroquine. I mean it’s not normal. I had doctors here saying they thought it was helpful so we got it. Some disagreed. But it was like almost like this this concerted effort to not allow that to be discussed. And now you’ve seen different research where people have shown that it may well have been beneficial. Why was there such a movement to squelch any inquiry about this leaking from the lab in Wuhan which last year they called you a conspiracy theorist if you said that it leaked. Now we look at it and that’s the overwhelming evidence is that it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. So there’s been a lot of issues, I think, along the way that were not addressed well by a lot of these bureaucracies. And the question is, is we need to do better next time but we gotta recognize some of the problems that occurred. And if we don’t, people are not going to have confidence in listening to a lot of the folks. I mean those Fauci emails, if you read some of this stuff and how different that was than what he was saying in public really is very very problematic. And it’s not, I know we get into these political stuff with some of this stuff in the here and now and we should. That’s fine but, I mean, thinking long term that is not the way we wanna be doing it. We should not be sending money to China to do this gain of function research. I mean this is just something that is creating super-viruses in some lab that’s very much involved with the Chinese military and intelligence. Why would you be doing that? I mean it makes no sense and obviously the results have been absolutely terrible. But all this stuff along the way, I think there were a lot of things where you kind of had the official bureaucracy and WHO and some of these other groups that they went all in on some of these theories and it turns out they really weren’t accurate with what they were trying to do. And so I think there needs to be a full investigation. We need to identify the origins of this virus but then we also have to have an evaluation of some of the response from the levels of the bureaucracy. Because even today we see issues. Ya know with CDC some of the studies they’re putting out, people will literally debunk it like an hour later after just reading it. And that’s not something that inspires very much confidence for the American people. Thank you everybody. Go bless.” – Ron DeSantis

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