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EXCLUSIVE! America’s Frontline Doctors Pediatric Director Fires Back at Pfizer CEO

Dr. Angie Farella is the Pediatric Medical Director for America’s Frontline Doctors [1]. She has been a pediatrician for 25 years, and has given over 10,000 vaccines to pediatric patients. This Covid injection however, is different. You may recognize her from her recent testimony in front of lawmakers where she reminded everyone that the Roto Virus vaccines were halted after 15 cases of reported adverse reactions, and the Swine Flu vaccines were halted after 25 deaths. The death toll from these covid injections is soaring into the tens of thousands, and doctors are still being silenced. Dr. Farella is blessed to advance medicine with America’s Frontline Doctors, which consists of a team of doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, pilots, investigative journalists, and warrior citizens to spread awareness and save as many lives as possible.