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Fauci Has Disqualified Himself As A Scientist – Tucker Carlson

Dr. Fauci unleashes on critics as backlash against him continues to grow…

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“It’s very dangerous, Chuck, because a lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me, quite frankly are attacks on science. Because all of the things that I have spoken about consistently from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science. Sometimes those things were inconvenient truths for people. And there was push back against me. So if you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you’re really not only attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci, you’re attacking science. And anybody that looks at what’s going on, clearly sees that. You have to be asleep not to see that.” – Tony Fauci

“You have to be asleep if you don’t understand that criticism of him is criticizing science” – Brian Kilmeade

“This is the perfect distillation of what we just lived through for the past year and a half. So here Fauci imagines a couple of things. First of all he refers to himself in the 3rd person which is revealing and creepy. It is bizarre. Second, he imagines that sincere questions are the same as criticism. He imagines that questioning science is attacking science. Science is not a book that you check out of the library or look up on Wikipedia. Science is a way of thinking and it begins with deep skepticism about what we think we know. You commit science when you take nothing for granted, when you ask hard questions. We think this works. How do we know that it works? That’s what science is. So here’s a guy who represents “science” who imagines that questions are an attack on science. I mean he’s instantly disqualified himself as a scientist in addition to revealing that he’s got Louie XIV tendencies. I am science. No you’re not. You’re a federal bureaucrat. Answer the question, do masks work? Tell us the truth. How do you know they work? Where’s the study? That is science, those questions. We commit more science on a talk show on cable news than he does. It’s incredible.” – Tucker Carlson

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