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Fauci Is In The Pocket Of Communist China – Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump ‘appeared’ on ‘Varney & Co.’ with Stuart Varney and they discussed Anthony Fauci’s relationship with China.

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Stuart Varney: Are you villainizing Dr. Fauci, Mr. President?

Donald Trump: No. I always got along with him great but he was wrong on so many fronts. There’s an example, you look at his emails, they’re really horrible. He was in the pocket, it would seem. He was in the pocket, now maybe not but if you look at it, ya know we’re all smart people… he was in the pocket of China. The way he pandered to them. The way he dealt with them. That’s their first salvo on trying to save Fauci. I guess last night Fauci made a trip with the current First Lady. But that’s the first salvo in trying to save Fauci. If people read those so many emails, I mean I’ve never seen anything like it. You would almost say that’s all he could do because how can you do so many emails. But when people read that, they will agree 100%. It was unfortunate. Now in our case, we had him but he was there for many many years. I got along with him but I would say that if I listened to him, we would have hundreds of thousands of more people die. Because he said keep the borders open to China, keep the borders open to Europe and I closed them very very early. We would have lost hundreds of thousands of people. He also said the vaccines would take too long to produce and I got them done in nine months. Less than nine months. So i didn’t listen too much to Fauci unfortunately, or fortunately I should say. Fortunately for our country, I did what my instincts told me to do based on a lot of information.

Stuart Varney: Well we got the vaccine, virtually well more than half the population is now fully vaccinated. Do you think that employers should require the jab to go back to work or schools and universities? Require the jab before you go back to campus?

Donald Trump: Well I’m a big believer in freedom also. Ya know, freedom, like you can;t force people to do certain things. We are in a position, a lot of people that have had COVID and ya know, I think you had reported numbers far greater than the actual numbers. A person that I know just told me his father died. I said oh that’s too bad. What happened? It was a heart attack but they put down COVID. And I said what do you mean it was a heart attack, did he have COVID? No he didn’t have COVID. They put down COVID. So many, so may deaths are reported. This whole thing is, whether it was election fraud or other fraud. But you know there are many many more cases. Then if you take a look, and I’m sure you heard this, you’re a professional to put it mildly. But this was just an interesting conversation I had with somebody that I, frankly, that I barely know and they said it was COVID. But I’ve heard that many times before. Many many times before.