More and more questions are arising around the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Many are saying we need more transparency as it is reported that they have 14,000 hours of surveillance video from the events of January 6th that they have yet to release.

Matt Gaetz: Absolutely not. And the FBI clearly doesn’t have objections to selected releases of video and images from these days but it begs the question, why is there not more transparency? What did the FBI know and when did they know it? That’s one legitimate question but as you point out in your introduction. The question of whether or not the FBI animated some of the criminal conduct is one that is far more grave. You talked about the Detroit situation with Governor Whitmer. The very same FBI personnel that orchestrated that operation and up, in Washington D.C. at the headquarters. And so it’s reasonable to ask whether or not the FBI has engaged in a playbook where first they infiltrate an organization and then they try to bring that organization to the point of criminal conduct as a mechanism to try to bring it down. The FBI has a long history of this dating back to even the civil rights era. And I certainly hope our premier law enforcement organization is not actually working to violate federal law.


Matt Gaetz – FBI Covering Up COVID Origins In Concert With Chinese Communist Party?

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Matt Gaetz: Did The FBI Have a Direct Role In The Escalation of January 6th?