Imagine if this is true and the Federal Bureau of Investigations played a direct role…

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“So there are two principle questions. The first is whether or not the FBI missed critical information provided by Parler or local law enforcement that could have thwarted the attack? But I think there’s an even more serious question. It was recently raised in fantastic reporting at Revolver News. And there it’s posed whether or not the FBI had a direct role, through their operatives or assets, in the actual escalation of January 6th. Here’s what we know. Groups like the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, 3 Percenters were infiltrated to some degree by the FBI. That doesn’t necessarily mean badged agents were parts of those groups but it does mean that people were providing information from those groups to the FBI. And if the very people who provided that information were accelerating the violence, were riling people up who might have otherwise just shown up on the Capitol lawn to peacefully protest and have their voice heard. Well then I think the FBI is even more culpable in the violence and in the most troubling parts of 1/6. That’s why I’ve sent a letter to Director Wray, seeking a full accounting of the FBI assets, the FBI operatives and even potentially the FBI agents that might have known what was going on and even might have participated in some of the worst elements of January 6th” – Matt Gaetz

Biden LIES AGAIN, Claims Police Officer Killed By Rioters on January 6th

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Democrats Are Milking January 6th To Punish Trump Supporters- Michelle Malkin