Matt Gaetz made an appearance on One America News’ In Focus with Stephanie Hamill and posed an interesting potential scenario where agents of the federal government could have been in inciting the January 6th ‘riot’ at the Capitol in Washington D.C.. The trolls on Twitter won’t even care about the far reaching consequences of such a thing being true. They’ll just deflect and attack on completely different fronts.

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“Imagine how searing it would be for our country if we found out that our own government had assets and informants that were fomenting violence. That would really reframe January 6th. Right now it is largely being used as a blood libel against the MAGA movement when in reality, you could have the Deep State more involved in the January 6th violence than people who up to peacefully protest and to show their support for President Trump” – Matt Gaetz

It’s not as if the the left hasn’t been proven to repeatedly lie about the events of January 6th. Take the tragic death of Officer Brian Sicknick for example, they repeatedly (research Operation Mockingbird) and knowingly pushed the false narrative the he was killed in a violent attack.

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