Wellington, OH – Mike Lindell was at the Take Back Tour Trump rally and had a few words to say regarding his upcoming Cyber Symposium in August…


Amanda Head: One thing you’ve brought up quite a few times, Dominion says it’s proprietary software but like you’ve brought up, we paid for it.

Mike Lindell: We paid for it. We as a people paid for it all. Look at corrupt Brian Kemp bought $107,000,000 worth of Dominion machines in 2019 that we paid for. Dominion, how could you sit and hide what you’ve done to our country? We not only paid for it, show us your source code. But, you know what? That’s why I’ve been so confident cuz I’ve had, we’ve not only had access to the machines but we have all the packet captures of the whole election everybody. It’s amazing. When we do this Cyber Symposium, it’ll be in August, we’re gonna announce it soon, all the cyber experts we’re gonna have there, even some from five other countries that called me that want them there, their own experts there. We’re gonna have all the press, maybe even Fox will show up. What a concept, maybe, ya know? And then we’re gonna have all the politicians. I want everybody involved in getting every politician there. You’re gonna call em, email em, text em. Say you better go represent us and be there to see this evidence. If they don’t then I’m sorry, they shouldn’t ever be in office again.

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Amanda Head: Do you have faith that some of the Left leaning networks or reporters will come to the Cyber Symposium with an open heart and an open mind?

Mike Lindell: Ya know here’s the good thing. I just talked to Jim Acosta of CNN and CNN here. All of these outlets, Left Wing and these terrible outlets like The Daily Beast and Business Insider and Politico, they’re the ones that are probably gonna be there. I want them to be there to try to discredit this. I want them there but ya know what? The great thing about a packet capture is, it’s not subjective. It is what it is. It’s so awesome. They better be there because right now they actually worked to my favor. The last four months, I was drilled yesterday in D.C. by the media going how come you haven’t shown this sooner? I have. I’ve given it to you. I’ve given it to you. You suppressed me. So now we’re just gonna bring it to the world. Show everybody and then you know what? The Supreme Court, a week later we’ll bring it to them. They’ll pull it down 9-0. Why not 7-2? Because it has to be 9-0 because it’s non subjective. A packet capture is a moment in time captured that you can’t alter.

Mike Lindell To Host White Hat Hacker Cyber Forensics Symposium to Expose Stolen Election