“Well in light of everything that’s going on, you know you just went through the borders. We’re in a race against time here and what we’re gonna do in July. I’ve decided to move everything up. But one of the things we’re doing is, it’s a cyber forensic election symposium. We’re bringing all of our evidence to a big venue I haven’t announced yet. And I’ll announce the date. Any cyber guy that’s got credentials in the country, we’re gonna bring them there. It’s gonna be unpacking the packet captures. And everyone is gonna get to see it. We’ll televise it. I wanna have Congressmen there. I wanna have Senators there. I wanna have Democrats, Republicans. I wanna have Governors, Attorney Generals, Secretary of States. Everybody can get there. Then once we show all the cyber guys and they can ask their questions. And they’re all going WOW. It’s gonna be like showing them a spaceship. And here you guys, you haven’t seen anything like this. This is a miracle. Then they can all, it’ll be a two event, the rest of them can all ask their own cyber experts or their own people. And by the time everyone leaves there, this whole country is gonna go we’ve gotta get this to the Supreme Court now and get this pulled down. The number two thing I’m doing is right after that. We’re gonna do a nationwide petition so that the big win is for the Supreme Court to look at it. So once everybody is convinced, which they will be after the two day event. We’re gonna do a petition. We’re also gonna do a mock election. We’re gonna show the whole world.” – Mike Lindell

“I wanna get to the breaking news for a second. Just back up. Hang on. You said a couple weeks ago, we talked about this. Would you be open to having the top cyber guys in the country and all the media that says you’re a clown, you’re dangerous, you don’t know what you’re doing, to actually see the evidence? You’re committing today, you’re saying right now, that in mid July at a large venue to be announced at some time, you’re going to take all of you evidence on the Dominion suit and I take it, all the evidence you’re gonna show for your Supreme Court run, all you cyber cuz you’re accusing the Chinese Communist Party of intruding. Either Dominion is too dumb or they were a part of it, to get into these systems and change the vote. That’s why I call you the air game. You’re committing now to the American people that you will go to a venue and you will put all your experts, all your evidence, everything you’ve got on live TV and streaming and have not just your people there to defend it it but you will say bring it? Every Democrat, Rachel Maddow’s crew, Chris Hayes’s crew, The Washington Post’s Tom Hamburg and the investigative reporter’s crew, the New York Times, Anybody, Guardian, come one come all and you will stay there and until they’re satisfied, you will run this all day at some massive venue. And also have the American people come in and they can watch it like a gladiator fight. Right, this is like Gladiator 2. This is the sequel we always wanted. Mike Lindell and his cyber gladiators.” – Steve Bannon

“Well yea cuz people need to understand what packet captures are and the first layer is gonna be all the cyber experts in the country. Whether they’re from universities, they have to have a certain, I checked into it, but they need to have certain credentials. They need to have certain, ya know, to be rated so that they’re valid. If you have government officials that wanna submit their own cyber people.” – Mike Lindell

TRUMP: Rudy & Mike Lindell Will Go Down As Heroes Some Day In The Not Too Distant Future