Politicians, who have private security and live in gated communities, want you to be defenseless. They spew on and on about more gun control and even threaten to ban various firearms but this police officer has a message that they don’t want you to hear…

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“Ya know, I hear everybody talking about they’re gonna come for our guns, they’re gonna come for our guns. Who’s gonna come for your guns? The idiot politicians who make it illegal to own a gun? Cuz as a police office I’m not coming for your guns. Most police officers I know respect your rights and the Constitution. And we took an oath to uphold that. We’re not coming for your guns. The military is not coming for your guns. Even if the entire military came for your guns, they don’t have enough people to cover Houston, much less the rest of the United States. So who is coming for your guns? They can try and they can enact these stupid laws but nobody is coming for em. Cuz I can tell you, as a police officer, I’m on your side. I took an oath to uphold your Constitutional rights and mine. And I’m a citizen the same as you. So don’t worry about the government. We just need to get these corrupt people out of office.”

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