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Trouble In Chicago: Cop Shooter Will Serve 8 years, Kids Getting Killed Up 300% This Year

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For many Americans, when they hear about gun violence, the first city they think of is Chicago.  It has become a lawless, violent city after years of poor leadership. This is what happens when you start a war on the police and have prosecutors who refuse to put criminals in jail.

Fox News reported [2] that Chicago gun violence has now killed over 3 times more kids in 2021 compared to same time in 2020. Gun violence has reportedly claimed the lives of 10 kids, age 15 and under, so far in 2021. So far in 2021, 52 of the almost 1,500 gunshot victims in the city were age 15 or under.

This last weekend was another bloody one as well, with the Chicago Police Department saying 55 people were wounded in 41 shootings citywide from 6 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Five people were murdered.

Lori Lightfoot is more concerned with her officers starting foot pursuits, which she recently restricted, than with the violence in her city.

Another example of how the criminal justice system works in Cook County is the case of Deangela Eaton, a woman convicted for shooting a Chicago police officer in the chest in 2017.  Luckily, the officer was wearing a vest.

Deangela Eaton, 29, plead guilty Monday to aggravated battery in Cook County court. After credits for ‘good behavior’ and time served already, she could be released in about 4 years.  This would be an 8 year sentence for shooting a police officer.  This is completely unacceptable and spreads the word that you can get away with anything in Chicago without real consequences, even shooting a cop.