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(VIDEO) Deranged Teacher Berates 6th Grader Asking Why Straight Kids Weren’t Allowed ‘Unicorn Cupcakes’

A Pershing Middle School 6th grade teacher got caught on camera. She was completely inappropriate towards one of her students…

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“Just because I support another thing doesn’t mean I don’t support straight people too. Just cuz I’m Mexican doesn’t mean I don’t support Black people. Or Irish people. (Gesturing towards student) Or ignorant people. Would you like a special unicorn cupcake for being straight? Alright, come here. Get a straight jerk cupcake for being a pill. You are annoying. You were very successful. Congratulations. What a dick. A dip. Lie a dipstick. A butt head. A weasel. Pain in my butt. This summer is LGBTQ month and I’m not going to see you so I wanted to give you something.” – 6th Grade Teacher, Pershing Middle School