The GOP establishment is getting a big wake-up call.

If they thought they could turn their backs on their biggest voting base, and we’d just forget about it and life would go back to normal, they were sadly mistaken.

The majority of the Republican Party believe the 2020 election was a sham. Actually, a new Rasmussen poll shows that a majority of all Americans believe that cheating occurred during the 2020 election. And many Republicans believe that the GOP was in on it.

And much of their ire is targeted at Mike Pence, who had an opportunity to do the right thing and save the United States but refused to do so.

Now, he thinks that he can just saunter back in, and because he has an “R” before his name, all is forgiven and we’ll treat him like a “good guy.”

Well, Mr. Pence found out the hard way that a happy ending like that isn’t in the cards for him.

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During the “Faith and Freedom Colation” event, Mike Pence was heckled by the crowd and called a “traitor.”


You can watch the video below:

If Mike Pence runs for president, which it appears that’s his plan, he’ll be in for an even ruder awakening.

Now, as the dust has settled we’ve learned a lot more about good ol’ Mike.

He’s the guy responsible for filling President Trump’s White House with a bunch of #NeverTrumpers – the people who leaked, spied, and worked on the inside to sabotage President Trump.

Seems to many, that Mike Pence was a mole for the swamp the entire time…and those people are probably right.

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