Loudoun County, VA – Tuesday evening parents of students in Loudoun County showed up to exercise their First Amendment right and protest against their children being indoctrinated with Marxist, anti-American Critical Race Theory (CRT). The Loudoun County School Board only heard comments from 51 of the 259 people who had signed up to have their voices heard before they moved to end public comment with a 9-0 vote. That vote was countered by a public assembly erupting into the school board being booed loudly.

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The concerned parents did not take too kindly to having their voices silenced at a PUBLIC meeting. They chanted ‘Shame on you’ at the school board and even broke out into a singing of the National Anthem. Sheriffs declared an unlawful assembly in an attempt to ‘restore order’ but some parents still refused to leave. At least two arrests were made after the sheriff’s declaration.

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