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(VIDEO) Sen. Ron Johnson Talks VAERS, Vaxx Deaths and Big Tech Censorship

Senator Ron Johnson, Republican from Wisconsin, appeared with Maria Bartiromo today on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures.  They discussed topics including VAERS, vaccine deaths, and big tech censorship.

When Bartiromo brought up the VAERS reporting data, Sen Johnson responded:

Sen. Johnson: “The other thing Dr. Fauci and the media is ignoring right now, early warning signals of the Vaccine Adverse Affect Warning System (VAERS). We have close to 5,000 deaths. Over 1,700 from days 0-1-2 of getting vaccinated. We have thousands of people who have permanent disabilities, 20,000 hospitalizations. And that, quite honestly, compares to less than 200 deaths per year in the entire 30 year history of the VAERS system on vaccines. They’re not paying attention. They’re suppressing this information and the American people are paying the price.”