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[VIDEO] This Happens In Chicago, While Mayor Lightfoot Declares “Racism” a Public Health Crisis

Democrats love to float around fancy words and phrases.

They don’t care about facts or reality…as long as the words fit their narrative.

And right now the left is feverishly pushing “racism,” like it’s a fire sale or something.

There’s a reason for that – they need to keep the county completely and totally divided if they have any hope of keeping their voters politically engaged.

Right now, the Dems have this sleepy, Alzheimer’s patient pretending to run the country, and his sidekick has the likeability of Hillary Clinton, so they need to whip up a lot of extra “angst” in order to keep the political fires burning.

And that’s why radicals like Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot are stoking the fires of “division” in her city by declaring “racism” a public health crisis.

Meanwhile, her gun-controlled city is a bloodbath, and she’s pretending “white supremacy” is the problem.

It’s insanity. 

And while Lori is “celebrating” all the diversity in her city, by tweeting about the “Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade…”

….this sort of stuff is happening to some people with Puerto Rican flags on their cars.

You can watch the video below (warning graphic):

Radical communists like Lori Lightfoot and Bill de Blasio love to use “racism” and “white supremacy” to distract from their own failures.


It’s so much better for them to have everyone hatting white people than actually looking at what’s really destroying their cities: failed politicians who are more worried about power and money than properly and respectfully serving the people of their cities.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [7] and is used by permission.

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