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“As you know, the evidence is too voluminous to even mention. All you have to do is read the article in Time Magazine, cover story on Time Magazine. I’m not a big fan. I was on the cover a lot. Perhaps a record. A lot. I got to a point, ya know, if I was ever on the cover… I was on the cover of Time Magazine before I did this political thing. And I read every word. I said I wonder what that means. It was actually a very good story. Ya know I used to actually get good press. Can you believe it? I guess that’s how I got to be President when ya think about it. But I used to get great press but Time Magazine did a story. They couldn’t help themselves. They had to brag about what they did in November. They had to brag. And that story just goes 25% of the way but if you take it a little bit further… you’ll just read that and you’ll see how corrupt. But that’s the least of it. You look at what happened on that evening when the election was won. And all of a sudden, vast amounts of votes were taken in. Just in certain states, swing states. Swing states that I was leading by a lot. Then all of a sudden… ohhhh… something happened. It was a disgrace to our country and if you think people don’t see it, people see it. People have seen it.” – President Donald J. Trump

“The 2020 Presidential Election, that election, the 2020 Presidential Election was by far the most corrupt election in the history of our country. There’s never been anything like this. They used COVID and they used the mail in ballots to steal an election. It was the 3rd world country election like we’ve never seen before. Look at what took place. I want to congratulate, by the way, Republican state Senators in Arizona, and other places, for their great work that they are doing in exposing this fraud. And maybe, again, I have nothing to do with the Arizona situation. They’re doing it, the state Senate of Arizona because there are so many discrepancies, so many problems. And they’ve heard from so many people about the corruption and what took place. So they’re doing it. Lets see what happens. They’ll be finished in 3 or 4 weeks. It’ll be very interesting but I’ll tell ya, and maybe they’ll find nothing. Maybe they’ll say oh it was a wonderful perfect election. But maybe not. An now they’re looking at it in Pennsylvania. And they’re looking at it in Georgia. And they’re looking at it in many other states. Because they’re saying the same thing has happened to us. – President Donald J. Trump

“That election will go down as the crime of the century and our country is being destroyed by people who perhaps have no right to destroy it. Zuckerberg broke the law, spending millions of dollars. Don’t you think he broke the law? Millions of dollars to get out the vote efforts in highly Democrat areas, Ya know he used to come to the White House. He would call… ‘Could I have dinner with you Sir.?’ Sure. ‘Could I bring my wife?’ Oh absolutely. He actually walked into the office one day, in front of numerous people, ‘Congratulations Sir.’ Why? He said ‘You’re #1 on Facebook.’ He said to me, ‘ You’re #1 on Facebook.’ I said thank you very much. I appreciate it. We had a nice dinner. The day I was out, he became a rather, well I guess it’s human nature. But we can’t let our country be run by that kind of human nature, can we? Zuckerberg, that’s another beauty. But they say they may allow me back in 2 years. I’m not too interested in that. They may allow me back in 2 years. We gotta stop that. We can’t allow let it happen. So unfair. They’re shutting down an entire group of people. Not just me. They’re shutting down the voice of a tremendously powerful. in my opinion, a much more powerful and a much larger group. Because you know what, when the Democrats say Defund the Police, open borders, sanctuary cities, all of these horrible horrible cancel culture things. Their policy is terrible. And I say a lot now, there’s no way they go 50/50. Who the hell wants to defund the police? Look at what’s happening where they’re defunding the police. The crime rate is going up by 50, 60, 100 percent. 131% in one city. They don’t even know what to do but they keep doing it. The policy is so bad. You know what, they’re smart. And I said they’re vicious and they stick together. But I don’t believe it’s 50/50 because our country isn’t there. We’re not a 50/50 country to defund the police and to have sanctuary cities where criminals are allowed to be protected. I’m telling you I think a lot of these elections where they always seem to have an advantage, I don’t believe it. I can’t believe that some of the states that are Blue, that they’re Blue. I know those people. They’re smart people. And I see so many people. They love me because they love what I stand for and they’re not into these things.” – President Donald J. Trump

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