We seem to remember someone saying “The Fake News is the enemy of the people.” People around the world see it even if a segment of the American people don’t get to due to it’s prevalence and backing from the Big Tech oligarchs. Pay attention and get your news from multiple sources.

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Sky News Anchor: I wanna go to the U.S. now because the media has been gushing as their beloved Joe Biden prepares for his trip to the United Kingdom to attend the G7 Summit. Listen to how CNN is reporting this momentous event.

CNN: Joe Biden is stepping under the world stage for the first time as President. An equal to foreign leaders.

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Sky News Anchor: Now lets go back in time to 2018 and see if those same newsrooms offer the Presidency of Donald Trump such light and positive coverage.

Lefty Newsroom: Deepening G7 divide. Better put, perhaps, as G6 versus one.

Sky News Anchor: Hahahaha. So they’re essentially calling it the G6 when Trump’s there. But Joe Biden’s there and it’s momentous and it’s positive and it’s glowing and it’s, they’re trying to give the illusion that he doesn’t have any disputes with any of these international leaders. What do you think about it.

Sophie Elsworth: I just think Joe Biden is a lucky person. He has got all the media on his side, most of the media on his side, particularly CNN. Completely at odds with what they did to Trump. So his popularity surely can only win from this cuz he’s getting so much positive PR through the journalists who are massive fans of him. It’s really quite appalling to watch. And what happened to straight news reporting which doesn’t seem to be existent there.

Sky News Anchor: Nick, it’s not really journalism, is it? It’s, they’re stenographers in a way, aren’t they? They’re documenting history but they’re not being critical. But with Trump, ultra critical. Inflammatory in some cases.

Nick Carter: Always, Always. Trump could do no right. I mean give Biden his due. He did get to the top of the Air Force One steps without tripping over his shoelaces. The reality is, you talk to Greg Sheridan on The Australian or anybody who knows about foreign affairs, there are considerable question marks over Biden’s foreign affairs policies. Not proven yet. Whereas it was the one area, in fact, in which Donald Trump did very well. Pivoting on China. Bringing about the Abraham Accords which a big step towards peace in the Middle East. The worry about Biden is whether he really does have control or really the nerve or the confidence to impose American power the way that Trump did. So, you know, I would be much happier to see Donald Trump at the G7 I think.