Liz Harrington appeared on Fox News with Bret Baier and she dropped some serious numbers.

“275,000 potential fraudulent ballots — in just ONE county! And we already know Maricopa County certified FALSE results with 3,981 people voting AFTER the registration deadline” – Liz Harrington



“Well if you look at the preliminary findings from the independent audit, already we have TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND potential fraudulent ballots. That includes 168,000 that were printed on thin paper, outside of the regulations of Maricopa County. You have 75,000 ballots that were supposed to be mailed out but they have no record of them ever being sent. You also have 18,000 voters who were purged from the voter rolls, who voted in the election but purged after the election. And here’s a significant one, Bret, if I could bring up that Maricopa County will not touch, 3,981 people voted despite registering after the October 15th court ordered deadline. And here’s the key question, that means Maricopa County certified false results. And if we still have a free country with one set of rules for every American, those votes need to be thrown out immediately. Or so we live in a Communist country where votes turn up 100 to nothing. No, that does not say for Joseph Stalin. It says for Joseph Biden. That’s in Fulton County, Georgia. If we’re going to keep a country free, we need to have to have these audits to get to the bottom of it because 100 to nothing is not the United States of America. And we need these audits to continue to get to the true result.” Liz Harrington


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