One announcer and what is probably just a few people made a decision to NOT do the National Anthem before the beginning of this baseball game.

The fans weren’t having it so they decided to do it on their own.


This is more evidence that We The People vastly outnumber these anti American Leftists.

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The American people have had just about enough of the Left’s woke anti American Liberal bullsh*t.

The reactions online were pretty amazing as well…

“Beautiful and spontaneous. It’s so obvious what unites us. Makes you wonder why they keep trying to take it away.”

“That’s the way to do it Americans!”

“Remember it is “We The People” that ultimately rule our country. What a beautiful country and beautiful anthem! Never allow them to stifle our freedoms!! Stand up NOW!!!”

“We will take our country and our freedom back! Watch Cabal”

“I love this so much. God Bless America!”

“Take that you worthless woke liberals. True patriots have had enough of your garbage.”

“literally makes me cry watching this…”

“this makes me proud to be American and i am an Australian”

“Look at the team that came back out for it! I love it. I hope they won.”

“Excellent! Real Americans have begun to push back on liberal communist rhetoric. I think there should be real fear that this push back is only a trickle of the flood that is about to come.”