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Arizona Audit – Estimated 311,000 ‘Phantom Voters’, State Officials Move to Decertify Election

It’s Friday, July 23, 2021 and we are in the fight for our Constitutional Republic. We are in the fight for our freedom, we are smack dab in the middle of the fight for our lives as we are faced battling to retain our right to speak freely, our right to lawfully hold onto the firearms we possess that we have been promised as citizens of the United States shall not be infringed, we are in a battle to preserve our medical freedom which quite simply means we are in the fight for our lives.


At the center of all of the aforementioned is the right to vote. Democrats will tell you that every vote should count, while it remains my position that every legal vote should count, and that the importance of returning integrity to our election process is pivotal in addressing all of these things. We send people to positions of power and influence, not to use that influence as a weight for their platform, but as the weight of you, of me, of us. The agenda for every single one of these people must be focused on protecting our sovereignty and fighting for We The People. Period. There is no other agenda.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was on the War Room with Steve Bannon and she said this. (clip) They’re scared of We The People. They know their lies are generally exposed, and that although you may not know the intricacies involved with the theft of your vote, your voice and our country, you do know who’s responsible for that theft and you will not stand for it.


Go back a year in time and compare what you knew then to what you know now. What we know now makes it altogether so much more important to every single one of us that those that We The People choose to represent our voice actually get there. There isn’t a person in this country, or around the world, that is paying attention just even a little tiny bit that doesn’t recognize that what happened between November 3rd and 4th last year was not a reflection of your voice. It was not a reflection of your vote. That election was absolutely tampered with, and every single day more and more evidence pours out of states like Arizona and Georgia. There’s a battle in Michigan a fight in Pennsylvania, people are pissed off in Wisconsin and Minnesota and we absolutely must get this right, or your children, our grandchildren and all of the future generations to come will not know the greatness that the United States of America represents. If we don’t get this right, only history books will talk about the once-free country that America used to be, and I don’t know about you, but that is unquestionably unacceptable.

After Bobby Piton’s stunning testimony in Arizona in November 2020 (exposing the fraudulent election results in Arizona through his mathematical analysis,) he was asked in January of this year to participate in the Patrick Byrn documentary

‘The Deep Rig’, along with fellow Patriots who stood up for election integrity.

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Bobby Piton [4] is a First Generation American, Portfolio Manager, CFA, Graduate of Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management,  Father of 5, Husband, Conservative Patriot, US Senate Candidate committed to preserving our Freedom and Republic, and he joins us now. Bobby, thank you so much for being here. So, you’ve read well in excess of a million pages in your career and have extensively studied physics, quantum mechanics, mathematics, economics, neural networks and machining learning.  RedVoiceMedia.com reported [5] yesterday that Arizona State Senator, Wendy Rogers, is calling for the decertification of the 2020 election based on audit results and Bobby joined Stew to discuss.