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Biden Speculates “Global Warming” Could Be Responsible For Surfside Condo Collapse

It didn’t take the left long to bring climate change into the narrative when it comes to the Surfside condo collapse.


Biden was in Surfside, Florida on Thursday and spoke about the collapsed condo, which occurred one week prior.


Joe Biden: “We don’t have a firm proof of whats happened, there is all kinds of rational speculation about whether or not rebars were rusted, whether or not the cement, whether it was limestone, or not whether or not but a lot of the families who survived talked about how upset they were that in the last years that they have been there, how uhh, there was one condominium complex built across the street, and the road was purchased while they were living there they would hear the drilling, and they feel their building moving and shaking, uhh all kinds of discussions about whether or not, umm they uh, they thought that water level rising what impact it had. Umm interesting to me, I didn’t raise it, but how many of the survivors and how many of the families talked about the impact of global warming, how much and they know exactly what they talked about, sea levels rising and about how how, and and um, how the combination of that and the concern about incoming storms, incoming tropical storms and so uh, but i Don’t think there is at this point any definitive judgement as to why it collapsed and what can be done to prevent it from happening and what other buildings may have to be inspected to be determined if they have the same problems.”