Marion Smith is a writer who understands what it has taken others years to understand and what some people still do not comprehend. That Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and certain elements of the Democrat Party are active communists.

They used to hide in the shadows. No longer. They freely admit it and boast of it now. BLM praises Castro and sings the praises of Cuban communism. The Democrats sing the praises of BLM. Do the math.


Smith: “The ongoing mass protests in Cuba are a clarifying thing – and not just about the brutal nature of that country’s communist regime. They have equally shown the true colors of Black Lives Matter in the United States. As the past few days have demonstrated, the supposed social justice group cares far more about advancing the red banner of Marxism than protecting Black and Brown people.

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The truth became clear on Thursday morning, when Black Lives Matter (BLM) released its official statement about the Cuban protests. It’s telling that it took so long for the group to issue any statement at all – the protests started Sunday, and the regime crackdown not long after. What’s more telling is what the statement said. It was full of blame for the United States, and full of praise for Cuban communism.

BLM minced no words: ‘The people of Cuba are being punished by the U.S. government.’ Apparently, through a decades-long embargo, the U.S. has ‘instigated suffering for the country’s 11 million people – of which 4 million are Black and Brown.’ The group simultaneously claimed that ‘Cuba has historically demonstrated solidarity with oppressed peoples of African descent.’

To start, the United States is not oppressing the Cuban people. That distinction belongs to the communist regime founded by Fidel Castro – and the U.S. embargo is a response to Cuba’s tyranny. For more than 60 years, the country’s leaders have denied all basic freedoms, imprisoned people for their political views, and systematically pillaged the country’s wealth. And while the BLM statement claimed the U.S. is “undermining Cubans’ right to choose their own government,” it is in fact the Cuban authorities that protect the communist regime at any cost – even violence toward the country’s citizens.

That’s what’s happening right now, and it directly disproves BLM’s second claim. The Cubans marching in the streets want nothing more than libertad, yet the regime’s response has been to shoot at protesters, raid homes, and kill at least one person, though my sources in Cuba tell me the true number of deaths is much higher.


And who, pray tell, are authorities punishing in this crackdown? Among others, black and brown Cubans. These are the very people for whom BLM claims to advocate. Yet the arbiters of racial justice can’t muster a word of criticism against the communist regime. The question is why BLM tolerates such obvious injustice. The answer is the same ideology that animates the Cuban regime – Marxism.”

This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 20, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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