They’ll tell you their plans if you just listen.

They want you taking experimental drugs.


They want you muzzled.

They want you on lockdown.

They will not quit until we make them quit.

Do you believe Dr. Fauci when he says another COVID surge is on the way?

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Dr. Leana Wen: It’s really important to use the interventions that we have, but also recognize that we may need other interventions if the situation gets worse.

CNN Hack: I hear you and the situation has changed. But let me ask you this Dr. Wen because I remember in May when the CDC made that decision which many people felt and when we had no idea this was coming and it came. And part of the incentive for it was to incentivize more people to get vaccinated. Like here’s the reward if you get vaccinated, you can lose the mask. With 50% of the country still not vaccinated, could a result in part of this be another disincentive for people to get vaccinated? Do they need to weigh those things?

Dr. Leana Wen: I definitely think that the Biden Administration should be thinking about these things. This is the reason why it should not just be a decision of the CDC. Part of the problem I think is that the Biden Administration has been equating following the science with listening to one scientific institution. When actually the implication is not just about the actual data and the physical science. It’s also about social science and people’s behaviors and what’s likely to come as a result of them. The CDC in the first place made the right decision when it comes to the science but they didn’t take into account human behavior. And I think there’s something that, there’s one thing that Biden Administration can be doing right now that would change the equation when it comes to incentives. And that’s to use proof of vaccination. If they could say get the vaccine, you have a proof of vaccination, you can take off your mask. That would be really key. And I also think that vaccine mandates are something that will have to come.


CNN Hack: Can we play that out? So that would mean everyone. I went to a restaurant the other week that wanted to see my vaccination proof to sit down. I can see it happening in restaurants. It would be much harder if you’re walking into any public building or supermarket or shopping mall or just being with people at a house party, things like that. How does proof of vaccination work in all groups circumstances?

Dr. Leana Wen: Right. I think it depends on the circumstance. So if you’re going to the grocery store and the grocery store doesn’t have the capacity to enforce some kind of proof of vaccination then they have to say that indoor masking needs to apply because we don’t know who’s vaccinated and who’s not. The same thing for schools. Schools, you can’t expect the teacher in every school to be asking well you’re not wearing a mask so are you vaccinated or not. And so that’s the case, everybody should be wearing masks. But I could imagine there are already concert venues or workplaces that are saying if you are not vaccinated, you can’t come or you have to get a negative test.

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