Ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; propaganda by definition. Propaganda is what has been very successfully used by a group of elites that wish to rule the world, forcing subservience from you, myself and future generations. It seems these people, many of which we’ve named here on this program, will stop at nothing to divide a country and force violence to be instigated, giving those elites the justification they need to use an outside organization, such as the United Nations, to enforce their rules, their laws, their mandates and police your communities based on the principles of people like Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Clintons, Obamas and their billionaire corporate and special interest financiers.


Forcing you to your knees, crushing your freedom, stealing your individual liberty and shredding the Constitution isn’t something anyone could just do overnight without significant resistance from those that know, appreciate and love America for the fundamental rights we have grown up appreciating; the aforementioned freedom and liberty combined with the right to speak freely, lawfully possess firearms for protection against a tyrannical government, in case they should try to overthrow our Republic, freedom of faith, medical freedom and the right to vote. Those rights, combined with traditional American values that support the nuclear family structure, aspiring for greatness, helping one another, loving our neighbors, seeking good schooling for our children, protecting them from evil, volunteering our time, engaging in our local communities and supporting our police are all things that directly impede the progress of a takeover, and so those things must be destroyed.

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Repeatedly force-feeding ideas, facts or allegations, deliberately spreading those things to further their cause and damage ours is the only way, other than warfare involving guns, bullets, bombs and a lot of blood that anyone could accomplish that, and it’s really quite easy because many men are easily influenced by what they love, and there’s an abundance of love for money and material belongings, status symbols, big houses, fast cars, and expensive designer clothing among the sell outs at major broadcast, cable and print so-called news organizations, along with big tech.

The information war being waged against you has put all of those assets to work, which is what has led vulnerable and impressionable mostly trusting American and global citizens to believe a scary virus is going to kill them and the only way to save your family is to cover your face, hide in your home, distance yourself from friends and family and, of course, repeatedly stick a needle in your arm. It has allowed unsuspecting people to actually believe that the police are the problem in our communities, they’re inherently racist, they grew up knowing they were going to earn good marks in high school, go to college, earn a degree, compete with huge numbers of equally qualified applicants, go to skills training, get certified, be hired by a department (even relocating if necessary) go through a rigorous background and psychological examination process, complete an academy, go through several phases of field training and ultimately be in a patrol car earning in most cases a below-average income so that they could finally get into impoverished neighborhoods and violently hunt down unarmed innocent black and brown people, shoot them with impunity and use violence to elevate white supremacy.

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If that sounds ridiculous to you, it should. But it only takes a small amount of extremely uninformed or incredibly stupid people to be influenced into violence, filmed by the bought-and-paid-for journalists that crave clicks, likes, followers and retweets to uplift a cause with a catchy name and a seemingly good cause like ‘Black Lives Matter’, to raise money, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, that will in turn be recycled, laundered and ‘donated’ to those that we mentioned at the beginning of this segment.

Outside of a few truly independent truth tellers, every single corporate media conglomerate is compromised, making their affiliates subject to the same narrative, and BOOM! Now your major broadcast networks, national cable news sources and even your ‘trusted’ local stations have been weaponized against you and because they’re all mockingbirds for the globalists and that agenda, it suddenly becomes believable. There’s just no way that every source of ‘news’ would lie to me about something so important as the health of my children, right?

Has anyone checked into Tiffany Dover? Do you remember her? She was the nurse at CHI Hospital in Tennessee who fainted on LIVE television after taking the Pfizer jab and hasn’t been heard from since. Why hasn’t anyone followed up with her family? Or have they? Or what about Carolyn Jordan? Carolyn is the Mississippi woman on life support at Forrest General Hospital who’s outlook is extremely grim because doctors refuse to treat her with Ivermectin. Just the other day we talked with her son, Jonathan, who said this:

Now, we reported that a judge had ruled in favor of the family, ordering for Ivermectin to be administered to Carolyn Jordan, That’s the way we understood Jonathan to be telling the story, but we have since learned that he’s been contacted by local media sources that are attempting to intimidate him, using language that has led Jonathan to believe the hospital is considering legal action against him for slander or defamation. So, rather than doing everything they can to save Jonathan’s mother, these people, these DOCTORS, are attacking Jonathan and the media is running cover for them. Rather than focusing on the fact that this family is losing their loved one and a hospital is refusing to treat her with the only thing that has made a positive impact on her health, the propagandists in Hattiesburg, Mississippi are weaponizing their news stations against Jonathan.

We wanted to know why, so we looked into this. It would seem that the prescriber signed an affidavit suggesting that Carolyn was in an emergency health situation, requesting that the judge grant permission for her to receive Ivermectin. During the hearing, the judge ruled in favor of the family, and it was decided that Ivermectin was going to be administered to help save Carolyn’s life. Just 15 minutes after that hearing, the prescriber contacted the family saying that her job had been threatened, and she had to retract her affidavit. In the absence of the affidavit, the judge had no basis for an order, so an order was never signed.

This is the big story, and until it’s recognized that those who know what’s really happening, those that really want to help, these nurses, practitioners and many doctors that are painfully aware of what’s really going on here are unable to act in accordance with their oath if they want to keep their jobs, and they’re actually being threatened with mafia-like tactics, bullied by their authoritarian overlords and scared into submission. The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance is an organization meant to assist patients subjected to the mistreatment we’re seeing with Carolyn Jordan. The FLCCC is one of the only accessible resources we were able to find, and it would seem that the only Mississippi prescriber associated with that organization is Cynthia Denmark. Of course, Cynthia cannot comment on Carolyn Jordan’s health status, and we wouldn’t ask her to. We recognize one’s medical information to be private, unlike many in today’s world that wish to force you into proving you’re being treated by their means, on their schedule and with their methods in order to travel, keep your job or be permitted to associate with anyone. We wanted to ask Cynthia about the status of her job, who had threatened her and how she intended to continue working on behalf of patients in need, but her calls are being vigorously screened and we were not able to make contact with her.

So, it’s fair to ask the questions. If someone, anyone with enough money, has been able to incentivize healthcare professionals charged with the care of your loved ones, influence corporations into mandating injections, weaponize the media against anyone that speaks out and target good people like Cynthia Denmark, threatening her job or maybe even her life, forcing her to retract an affidavit signed in good faith, does it really stop with the intentionally harmful treatment of Carolyn Jordan which is almost certain to lead her to her death? We think not, and an email I received yesterday helps me to substantiate my suspicions.

“My husband and I have a closer friend, his wife is a nurse at one of the hospitals in Palm Beach County. She can’t risk her job notifying you of what’s happening, but I had to tell you. ALL THE PATIENTS GOING INTO THE HOSPITAL WITH COVID, ARE ALL VACCINATED!! They use to report this at the hospital, as it was a question on their intake forms, “have you been vaccinated”? Now, as the numbers are going up and up, the hospital is destroying all of this evidence. The hospital took this question off the intake form, “have you been vaccinated”. Thought you would like to know, they’re hiding this information from the public. The vaccinated are the ill ones.”

Why wouldn’t the media be warning the public about these injections, when we know FACTUALLY that over 12,000 are dead? That’s according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, and according to a CDC whistleblower, those numbers are being tampered with and he says over 45,000 people have actually been reported dead after being inoculated. 45,000 people. For perspective, 1,500 people died on the Titanic, 2,977 perished on 9/11, 2,390 died during the attack on Pearl Harbor, some 3,000 died in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and fire, 8,000 are believed to have lost their lives in the 1900 Galveston Hurricane, and 36,914 died in the Korean War. 45,000 people are dead and the media is completely silent, elected representatives won’t dare utter the words and the push to stick a needle in the arm of every global man, woman and child only gets more relentless every day.

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