On Tuesday Senator Sonny Borelli appeared on Real America’s Voice with John Fredericks to discuss the forensic audit of the Maricopa County ballots.

Borelli discussed that criminal charges should be filed and people should be prosecuted for not adhering to the Arizona Senate statue by refusing to turn over requested evidence such as routers, hardware and data to the Senate investigators.



“We need to make sure that they’re following the procedures in accordance with statute, and if they’re not and there is criminality, that needs to be referred to the attorney general for action – because criminal charges should be levied, and people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.” – Senator Sonny Borelli 

The reactions online tend to agree with the sentiment…

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“Criminal referrals and prosecution must be done else there is zero accountability and zero faith in the entire process.”

“Audit all 50 states! 25th amendment for Joe! Prison for Mama Kamala!”

“Law and order would be really nice in a time like this.”

“Audit California, Pelosi and Feinstein rigged this State for decades!!!! Very 20/20, Killary’s “popular vote” totals included the fraudulent votes in CA! We know!”

“Are the County Supervisors involved in illegal election activity! They are so adamant about not wanting to help find out how the people voted!”