Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita from Scottsdale gets booed off the stage at a President Trump rally.

The RINOs are being exposed. Okay, she’s not exactly a RINO but she’s close.


With that being said, any member of the GOP that is a RINO, you’re days in officer are numbered.

We The People have had enough of you crap.

“Thank you so much. My name is Michelle Ugenti-Rita and I am running to be your next Secretary of State. It has been… look, pay attention. It has been nearly 250 years since our country declared our independence, severed ties with the King and formed a new country that ushered in a concept that the world has never seen or heard from. Freedom. Anchored by, Anchored by 3 great words that this society or culture has never uttered. We The People. Why don’t you listen to what I have to say? Well, we the people… look… it’s we the people who are empowered by our founding… Listen. Fine. Okay. I am running to be your next Secretary of State. I’m going to win the primary. Thank you very much.” – Michelle Ugenti-Rita

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As if that hammering of boos wasn’t bad enough, the Twitterverse piled on…