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Fauci and Acosta Blame Conservatives For Killing People But History Shows Dems Were Anti-Vaxx First

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared with Jimmy Acosta on CNN to further push blame for ‘vaccine hesitancy’ on republicans.  Acosta takes a swipe at Tucker Carlson’s show as a main source of this ‘deadly misinformation.’

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Fauci goes as far as saying the level of misinformation today could have caused both smallpox and polio to not be eradicated.

Now that you’ve heard Fauci and Acosta spew, let’s take a look at the truth.

Rep. Chip Roy recently appeared on Tucker Carlson to talk about the recent push from the left against disinformation.

What’s even more fun is looking at the Democrat’s own messaging on the vaccine.  It seems that when President Trump was in office, they had a different opinion of the vaxx.

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Lefty magazine Vanity Fair seems to be pretty down on the vaxx in this one.

How about Andy Cuomo? The grandparent killer of NY said he didn’t trust Trump to deliver a safe vaccine.

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Disgraced former House member Katie Hill gets caught with more of the same.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid appears to not be too sure about the vaxx in this one.

Drew Holden posted an entire Twitter thread dedicated to showing the left’s lies before their current push to censor now under the banner of ‘disinformation’ to protect their narrative, read it here [21].

Here’s even more of Joe and Kamala slamming the vaxx.

Did Biden & Kamala Spread Vaccine Misinformation? Should Be Banned From All Social Media, Right? [VIDEO] [22]

It’s becoming very clear the left is attempting to censor half of the country under the banner of disinformation and ‘protecting’ people from it.