It is Wednesday, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, middle of the week it’s hump day it’s the 28th of July, 2021 welcome to the Stew Peters Show, ranked number 7 in the country after moving up two spots overnight, how humbling thank you for being here, my name is Stew Peters. That #7 in the country thing, that’s not a pat myself on the back moment, that’s a huge thank you for making this show what it is. The people’s bullhorn. This is your show, I just happen to be the guy with the microphone as we search for information, vet sources, find experts, ask the tough questions, expose corruption and demand accountability – that’s what this is all about.

Why isn’t the impeachment conversation being had? Don’t these people in Congress work for us? Didn’t the fake president swear an oath to protect this country? Who’s really protecting this country as we watch an alien invasion happen at the intentionally left wide-open border, the drug cartels are having their way with this administration, human smugglers and child sex trafficking operations are running at an all-time high and we are watching a complete overhaul, a total demographic transformation happening right before our eyes, and it’s all being done without our permission. These people work for us, and this fake president is not only allowing it, but encouraging this. This is their intentional plan to destroy this country, cause chaos, normalize anarchy, legalize crime and then have every excuse they need to lock us down, take our guns and use outside forces to keep us in line. The impeachment conversation needs to be had, and we ought to be demanding that right now. What happened, by the way, to these members of Congress that vowed to begin that process? Did we just forget about that? Did enough fund-raising take place using that as a platform? The money is in the bank now and it’s time to move on to the newest grift? Shameful. Call your representatives and don’t let up. Joe Biden is destroying this country, failing to defend her from foreign and domestic enemies and putting your kids at risk. Directly in the line of fire and in immediate danger.

We have been keeping a close eye on Canada, as everything runs downhill. A trickle-down type effect is what we see as policy is implemented as kind of a soft-test and if tyranny is accepted there, you can bet they’ll try it here, in the United States. I’m very concerned about something breaking this morning in Canada, and  Mike Filip, host of Americanuck Radio joined me to discuss.

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