In a surprise to many, both Ron DeSantis and Sean Hannity have recently come out to support the COVID vaccines.

General Michael Flynn responds and says it’s not just the people on the Right who are against it…



Doug Billings: You’ve mentioned the COVID vaccine and the lies that are surrounding it. We were talking offline about a show that I’ve done, several of them with Karen Kingston. General I’m going to send you some information that she has presented that the contents, the recipe if you will, of this vaccine is frightening. So many people dying. The ingredients are not healthy. Now with regards to specific people in television news and so forth, Sean Hannity taking a huge dip… encouraging everyone to get this jab, this shot. You have Governor DeSantis, who for a long time, many people thought was the second coming of Donald Trump. He’s now out there saying get it, get it done, get the jab. And people just don’t have patience for that. They’re not gonna put up with it no matter what the guy’s reputation is.


General Flynn: Exactly. Because people are learning the truth of what is not only the components of what is in these vaccines, these shots but also what the potential outcomes are. Ya know when we go through and FDA approval process for a flu vaccine, it takes years. And there’s a reason why because they wanna test it on lab rats. They wanna test it on pigs. They wanna test it on monkeys. They wanna test it on animals before they start testing it on humans. And then they do test it on humans who typically are volunteer for a particular reason. And then they go through that process and then they finally say okay it’s FDA approved. We’ve gone through the rigor of the testing and that’s okay. We have all been through that. I got many shots in my military career. Now the other thing about shots, you know what Doug, it’s nobody’s business. If someone goes well have you gotten the vaccine yet. Ya know what? It’s none of your business. None of your business. Ya know, it’s my health, my choice, right? My body. My choice. What happened to that crap? So for guys like DeSantis and Sean Hannity, I mean they have to make a decision for themselves. And if their decision is one that’s going to be swayed or influenced by trying to be politically correct, that’s a dangerous place to be for people in this country who do have influence and they know that they have influence. Sean knows he’s got an audience and DeSantis knows he’s already being touted as the next President of the United States. Be careful with those things because, one don’t let your ego get in the way of reality. Don’t let political correctness get in the way of health choices. And before you start to say get a shot, get the shot, make sure that you have looked at every single aspect and you can talk about it in a way like I’m talking about it. I mean I’ve listened to doctors. I’ve listened to both sides and I’m in one of these places where, number one, it’s nobody’s business what I make, my decision to do, what shots I get or what I don’t get. If somebody wants to say you’re going to need a ID card that says you’ve received this vaccine in order to go out to a restaurant, well guess what? Whether I’ve taken the shot or not, that is a Communist country that I live in in order to do that. They don’t want an ID for going to vote for somebody yet they want an OD for me to grab a cup of coffee out of some coffee shop? Baloney and I could use stronger language. So I would say to Governor DeSantis and Sean Hannity, be really cautious because there are growing numbers of people in country and I mean growing numbers and it’s not just people on the Right. It’s not people that are the conservatives. It’s not just as the media, I heard MSNBC say it’s people who are Trumpers, right? No. There’s a lot of people. I am visiting family in a very very Liberal bastion and believe me I know a lot of these people here that are not Conservatives. They did not vote for Trump. I know who they voted for or they didn’t vote because they wouldn’t vote for somebody who they felt wasn’t good enough. But I know that they’re Liberals and I can tell ya they’re saying the same thing to me, it’s nobody’s business what I do.

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