Rep. Byron Donalds, Republican of Florida, is one of the stars of the freshman class in Congress. He’s articulate, courageous, and not afraid to get tough. The hard left Congressional Black Caucus won’t let him in. They know he’d show them up as phonies. CNN hates his guts and he’s slamming critical race theory every chance he gets. We need many more people like him in Congress.

FNC: “The lawmaker unloaded on CRT, which focuses on how institutions impact racial minorities but which critics argue is itself racist, during a Fox News interview on Sunday at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa. Donalds blamed the leftist media for their unabashed defense of the ‘political left’s agenda.’ ”


“They’re leftists, they support the political left agenda. This is why they’re quiet and in hushed tones about Cuba,” he said, “because they support the ideology of the regime. They support the ideology of Marxism, the ideology of the political left. That’s why.”

Donalds on CRT: “Our children are there to learn reading, writing, arithmetic, not to hate the country, not to hate the kid sitting next to the[m]… because the kid happens to be White, not because the kid is Black, like me when I was growing up, and somehow I’m now less than, and I need you guys to come in with this entire ideology to make me feel better about myself or whatever the case might be,” Donalds said. “I think it’s wrong.”

“We shouldn’t be using tax dollars on this,” he said.  “When you’re using government money to push forward, anything, it is the legislature, and it is elected officials and taxpayers, mind you, who have the authority to say what’s going to be taught and what’s not, with government money, in government schools. We have to make sure that nothing divisive is in our curriculum, and… in front of our children.”

Should 'Critical Race Theory' be taught in our schools?


In a related story, Donalds blasted ‘1619 Project’ Founder Nikole Hannah-Jones for saying Cuba is the most “equal” country in the Western hemisphere.

Donalds: First of all, I’m outraged but I’m not surprised. This is the problem with the left. Margaret Thatcher, God rest her soul, said it best: they’d rather the poor be poorer so it means that the rich is less rich. Let’s be very clear, the reason why there’s so much equality in Cuba is because it is a Communist dictatorship. Nobody has anything. That’s not a society I want. That’s not a society anybody wants. It’s completely ridiculous. But, this is the rationale, this is the ideology of the left. They would rather everybody be on the same playing field. When you do that, folks, nobody has anything. Except for the government, of course. Nobody else has anything.”


This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 20, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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