Mike Lindell is putting his money where his mouth is. He now offered up a $5,000,000 Challenge for his Cyber Symposium on August 10th.

He announced it today on Steve Bannon’s show, Bannons War Room.


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Steve Bannon: I don’t know what’s more over the top, our open or what Mike Lindell’s about to do… Mike, what are we talking about here? You’ve got this Cyber Symposium. It’s the 10th, 11th and 12th (August) in Sioux Falls South Dakota… You’ve invited all the world, all the top cyber experts. You’ve invited all the politicians. You’ve invited all the world’s media. You’re throwing down. You’re gonna present all of your data for the first time… And is the $5,000,000 kind of winner take all? Are you challenging people with a $5,000,000 offer if they can prove you wrong? If they can prove that you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’ve got nothing to show, they win $5,000,000? Walk us through this.

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Mike Lindell: I decided, you know what? CNN Called. They’re trying to discredit the symposium before we even get it out there or before we even show it. So what I’m doing is I put up $5,000,000, noe remember the public is not invited. I want it to be the most watched event ever. And you’re gonna watch this challenge, it’s $5,000,000. If more than one get it then it’s split. It’s one $5,000,000 prize if they can show that this is not the valid data from the 2020 election, the November election.


Here’s a few reactions from the fine people of the internet…

“Mike’s putting his money where his mouth is! That’s the boldest “come at me bro” I’ve seen from anyone regarding the selection of 2020″

“Biden was installed not elected- y’know installed like a toilet.”

“Package Captures!! Santa Mike Claus is coming to town!! Has any State been naughty or nice?!? I bet no one wins the 5 million!!”

“Mike Lindell shows his patriotism by using his own fortune to help save America.”

“Here’s a clue. Biden only won half as many counties as Obama in 2012.”



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