You have, I assume, read The Iliad. Okay, you are familiar with the Trojan War? Hector, Achilles…Brad Pitt? Right. But you vaguely know of the concept of a Trojan Horse? Ah, yes. Now we’re getting somewhere.

It’s a ruse to gain entrance into an enemy compound, a false flag of peace. The Greeks pretended to leave Troy and left a large wooden horse supposedly as a gift to placate the Gods. But the Greeks had just actually re-positioned their forces out of sight. Inside the horse were Greek soldiers who, when night fell after the Trojans had brought the horse inside their walls as a war trophy, jumped out unseen, opened the gates to their waiting troops, and proceeded to burn and ransack Troy. Sorry for the lesson if you already knew that.


Well, political operatives in DC this week are starting to reconsider their attitude regarding Pelosi putting Liz Cheney on the January 6th committee. Most pundits, including this one, heard about it and wanted Cheney kicked out of the Republican Party. But some Democrats smell a rat and it’s from Wyoming.

They ask themselves, and have talked to this writer about it, why would Cheney, with a tough reelection coming up in conservative Wyoming, suck up to Pelosi? True, her opposition in the primary is divided and Cheney has raised a lot of money. But if she went crazily anti-Trump and anti-Republican base during the January 6th hearings, which is just what Pelosi is expecting and the reason Cheney was put on the committee, it could galvanize and unite her opposition.

However, while still slamming the cretins who rioted on the 6th, if Cheney tried to expand the riot investigation into a probe also involving the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots that went on last year, she would turn the tables on Pelosi, draw Republican applause, and shore up her position in Wyoming. And don’t forget who her dad is. He is no slouch when it comes to the dark arts. Her presence on the committee could open the gates to a huge Democrat political embarrassment.

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Hence, there are Democrats who want her off the committee and want her replaced with Republican Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. They think he is more pliable. Says one insider Hill Democrat who said her career would “be cut short if anyone knew I talked to LifeZette…this is a setup. We’re walking into a trap. Pelosi is so obsessed on this she can’t see the danger …Cheney could really f*** us.”

A Republican operative, who commented off the record, dismissed the theory. “No. This is just wishful thinking. It’s not going to happen. Pelosi and Cheney cut a deal.” Either way, Liz Cheney has a decision to make. Pull a Trojan fast one on Nancy Pelosi and regain some Republican credibility in DC and at home. Or play lapdog to Pelosi and reap the unfortunate consequences in Wyoming and in a very likely upcoming Republican Congress. Her call.


This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 17, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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