At this point, it’s pretty apparent that RINOs are losing power and losing it quickly.

They definitely tried to slither their way back into the spotlight after the 2020 sham election, but they underestimated conservatives and their loyalty to Trump, big time.


But it’s not just voters who are keeping these GOP traitors at bay, as pro-MAGA warrior Matt Gaetz is calling out RINOs like George W. Bush and is vowing that the party he once represented is dead.

Long gone.

Done and over.

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Watch the video:


The Republican party now belongs to MAGA and people are loving that Gaetz is standing behind them.

George W. Bush has been popping off a lot lately, so it’s really nice to hear someone put this old globalist back in his place.

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“Exactly right! Now it’s Patriots vs Uniparty/Marxists. There are only two sides….”

“I agree Matt!! NO MORE BUSH!!!!!!”

“I’m embarrassed to say I was fooled into voting for W. Shame on me!”

“They love China and China loves them too. One of the weakest Presidents in the entire history of America.”

“The Bush family are nothing but left wing trash pretending to be conservatives. H.W., George W and little Jeb 3 of the dumbest, crooks in politics ”

“The RINO is dead. Mission Accomplished.”


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