The ‘Commission’ on the January 6 Capitol riot is in full swing, featuring tears from far left Capitol police officers, but are they really interested in the truth of what happened?

Since the Capitol riot, there have been allegations leftist protestors dressing as Trump supporters had instigated the rally crowds. There also have been allegations that federal informants may have played a large role in facilitating the entry into the Capitol. After the information that FBI informants may have played a larger role than disclosed in the Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping” plot, people are starting to ask more questions about January 6th.  These allegations have not been addressed by the Commission, and won’t be.


A video was created by an investigative journalist named Bobby Powell, of the The Truth Is Viral, shows several videos you may have not seen before, but should.

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It starts with a timestamp of 2:08PM on January 6th. The video captures images of a man breaking the infamous window outside of the Capitol, which people eventually made entry through (at least those that weren’t let in the front door by police.) Capitol police are seen rushing in and detaining the man, as they should have. After they detain the man, at least 8 police officers stand near the broken window, some with shields, keeping people from entering the building via the window.

At 3:10PM, an officer is seen talking to other officers who were protecting the broken window.  After the officer speaks to them, all of the Capitol police walk away, leaving the window unprotected. Just two minutes later, a man is seen removing the glass from the window:

Screenshot of video by The Truth Is Viral

This unidentified man, wearing an earpiece, is confronted by a protestor who yells, “Do not go in there!”  The unidentified man shoves the other man back, who then retreated.


The reporter who filmed the video, Bobby Powell, claims the man depicted below on the left also assisted with rioters making entry into the building. Powell claims to have submitted his video evidence to the FBI, but neither one of the men below has appeared on the FBI site as wanted, or have been arrested, according to Powell. Who are these people and why have they not been arrested?

Screenshot of video from The Truth Is Viral

Another video shot on January 6th seems to show people at the Capitol changing their clothes in the bushes. Of course, it appears they put on Trump supporter apparel. Why would anyone feel the need to change into Trump gear before storming the Capitol? Who brings different outfits like that to a rally? So many questions…


The number one question on many American’s mind is one of the most important ones, who shot Ashley Babbitt, and why?

The bottom line is there are MANY unanswered questions from what actually occurred on January 6th. Don’t count on Congress to provide any of the answers.

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