Dallas, TX – Lauren Boebert took the stage at CPAC and did not disappoint. With her passion and fighting spirit, it’s easy to see why the Establishment attacks her so often. She went to Washington to shake things up and that’s exactly what she’s doing.


“Hello Texas. This is the America that I know and love. The America where we have the right to assemble together. We’ve been living under tyrannical rule that wanted to keep us separated, keep us isolated, keep us locked down and muzzle our children. That is not the American dream and we are fighting to expose their agenda and make sure we have these God given rights that are guaranteed to us not by corrupt politicians but by God almighty.” – Lauren Boebert

She fights harder than the Establishment GOP RINO’s and that’s why they’re trying to snub her and Marjorie Taylor Greene…

GOP Women’s Fundraising Group Snubs Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert

Could not load the poll.


Not to mention her take on Hunter Biden and all his shady dealings…

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