Mockingbird mainstream fake new media isn’t just a problem in America.

The ‘press’ can be turned against the people anywhere.


The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, recently gave them a tongue lashing directly to their face…


“Many journalists speak to me, privately that they took hydroxychloroquine, that they took Ivermectin. Why don’t you admit it? Why do you think I’d consult myself with Boner? Or with Miriam Leitao about this matter? Stop talking about this. You want to write that up? Put it there now. “I am without a mask in Guaratingueta.” Are you happy now?

Could not load the poll.

This Globo is a shitty press. You’re a crap press. You’re – SHUT UP! You are scoundrels! You make a scoundrel journalism. Scoundrels! You don’t help with nothing! You destroy Brazilian’s family, you destroy the Brazilian’s religion, you are no good!

The Globo TV is no good! It’s very bad information organization. If you don’t watch Globo, you have no information. If you watch, you’re misinformed. You should be ashamed for providing such poor service that is made on Globo TV. Thanks” – Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil


The reactions online show just how much the people of the world are fed up with their shenanigans…

“Based super saiyan Bolsonaro”

“I wish we had someone like him in Greece”

“He took the words outta my mouth and made them sound sexy.”

Let’s trade Biden for him.”

“Finally! People starting to realize that the media is straight up fear-porn.”