Lin Wood held an event for Kandiss Taylor, a candidate running to be the Governor of Georgia.


“You’re here because you support Kandiss Taylor. I think you support what I’m trying to do. So you’re here for the same reasons whether it’s Kandiss or Lin Wood. You’re here because you love your country… and you love your freedom… and you love your children. And you want your children to breathe the fresh air of Liberty. And if we don’t act, if We The People do not act, we’re gonna lose it. Look around you. Look at what’s happening to our country. It’s been going on for a number of years and we have been asleep.” – Lin Wood

“Our country has been taken over by Communism without firing a shot. Our Governors are corrupt. Our state legislatures and legislators are corrupt. Our judiciary is corrupt. They have compromised and corrupted our educational system. They have infiltrated our churches. The three percent has taken over the ninety seven percent. So now the question is, now we know about it. Now we see our freedom of speech being suppressed and literally censored. We see our freedom of peaceful assembly being taken away from us and patriots put in jail in Washington DC that are political prisoners. We see our threats against the church where they try to tell you how many people can come, how far away they have to sit from each other, when they can and can not hold services. And your Second Amendment is next. Due process is gone. They’ll put you into a tribunal and they will get the result they want. They don’t care about the rule of law because once the cheated to get the person they wanted to run this country, we lost the rule of law. But I don’t think they got away with it.” – Lin Wood

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“Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world. So did Henry Kissinger. The wealthy elite want to kill the middle class in this country. They don’t want to cure you. They don’t want to keep you from getting COVID. They want to kill you and depopulate you so that there can be a ruling elite and a servant class. We’re not gonna let it happen to us in America, are we? They’re not going to take away our freedoms and our opportunity. They’re going to give everybody in this country what God gave us. The opportunity to take the talents he gave us to work hard and improve our lives. That’s the opportunity provided by freedom. They’re not gonna take it away from us.” – Lin Wood

“God works in opposites. When they tell you that Joe Biden won more votes than any President in the history of this country, that’s a lie. The opposite is true. Donald Trump won more votes than any Presidential candidate in the history of this country. When they tell you over there on this Biden character side, this was the most secure election in the history of America, that means that it was the most insecure election in the history of America. Don’t be fooled.” – Lin Wood

“Julian Assange who’s being held a political prisoner in the UK, not our friend by the way, the UK. Julian Assange is right. He said when the truth comes out, ninety eight percent of the people in government will be in jail. He’s right. So let them enjoy their time now why they can.” – Lin Wood


“Know that there are people that love America, that love freedom. People that pledged as a matter of oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and to defend and protect the people. That’s the members of the United States military. I believe they’re gonna do their job. And then there’s another guy who they propagandized and made you think he was all sorts of things including a racist. Donald Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Ask Herschel Walker. And by the way, Herschel if you’re watching this, run Herschel run.” – Lin Wood

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