Why don’t they release the 14,000 hours of video tape and clear all of this up if the events of the day were the worst attack on our democracy (We have a republic, not a democracy) since the Civil War?

If it’s as bad as they say, the video would clearly show that, right?



Judging by the comments online, it certainly appears that at a minimum, the people have questions about the day’s events and are seriously questioning the ‘official’ narrative…

“It was all staged. To show us what will happen if we confront/petition anything that they do in the future. & The police paved the way by opening the doors for them. The punishment is jail time without any Due Process 1st. and then labeled as a Domestic Terrorist. jmo”

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“If feds were on megaphones and firing flash bangs to rile people up into making mistakes they could also throw haymakers at a confederate on the ground to provoke a defensive reaction that can be edited into offensive appearance. Meanwhile, Antifa burns cities with impunity.”

“Release the 14,000 hours of video, it’s ‘the people’s house’, we pay for all of it, the buildings, salaries, everything, it’s ours to see. Let’s not let this be another Russia-Russia fake investigation.”

“The idiots with the megaphones in the beginning are inciting by telling them to go into the bleachers. Those guys were up there before anyone even left the speech spewing things and telling people to get up in the front.”

“How many peaceful Trump rally’s have there been over the years? With nothing but Patriotic law-abiding blue-supporting families of all ethnicities. Somethings fishy.”

“I personally think so. They opened gates and allowed people in to the capitol. This smells like a planned operation.”

“Jan 6th was an inside job.. And we the people know it. Only the sleep are blind to see what really went on well soon you will know.”


Jan 6 ‘Informants’ Caught Helping People ‘Break’ Into Capitol Building? Police Ordered To Stand Down? (VIDEOS)


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