Riverside, CA – Marjorie Taylor Greene forces Congress into accountability with her practice of asking for recorded votes…


“But here’s what I do, I sit in the chamber and I ask for recorded votes. Because what America doesn’t know is Congress passes bills simply by asking for a voice vote, not by all of us being on record, all 435. And when I found out that was happening, I said okay… they kicked me off committees. I have a new committee. It’s called the Committee of The Whole and I’m the chairwoman. So i sit in there and call for recorded votes and you know what that does for every single one of you? And I want you to take advantage of it. Congress is on record. You can look up everyone’s voting record. You can find out who the real conservatives are and you can find out who the liars are.” – Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene: We Will Not Be Cancelled, Will Not Back Down [VIDEO]

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