The communists are really ramping up their efforts in every sector of your life, and we have recently been bringing a TON of attention to your medical freedom. We’ve covered stories from pilots being forced into these shots being called vaccines, putting the general flying public, you, at risk at 40,000 feet in $230 million aircraft as medical experts and the air carriers, themselves, have issued warnings about blood clots and doctors have confirmed that to be an extremely legitimate concern. We’ve talked about the requirement that your young child wears an oxygen inhibiting mask on their face for an entire day at school, despite the fact that kids have absolutely not been largely impacted by the set of symptoms being referred to as the dangerous ‘COVID-19’, which is the only ‘virus’ in world history that requires around-the-clock advertising to remind you of its existence. We have talked to nurses being forced into providing proof of inoculation, people are being fired from their jobs, brave young men and women in our military are being used as experiments…the list goes on and on.


As we fight for our choice to make these decisions on our own, we have recognized a handful of fighters that have stood their ground, they’ve remained strong in their fight for one of the most sacred freedoms we are promised. Medical freedom is not a topic we should even be debating, I mean imagine living in times where the government can actually force you to submit to a needle, have some unknown substance now proven to be toxic and riddled with poisonous ingredients shot into your bloodstream, nanoparticles penetrating every fiber of your body possibly altering your entire makeup and if you should resist, you could be physically forced into it, jailed or even hauled off to some quarantine camp and killed. That’s where we are, and that’s why so many people are in an outrage when they listen to the rhetoric of Donald Trump who has not come out adamantly warning about this thing that’s caused an unprecedented amount of deaths around the world. This is why it’s so frustrating to us when we watch the FOXNews Channel suddenly become a 24 hour ‘vaccine’ infomercial, and why we begin to panic when those fighters, like Governor Ron DeSantis come out vocally supporting these deadly injections.


It’s alarming, and nobody really knows why. Marjorie Taylor Greene was on the War Room with Steve Bannon yesterday, and during the conversation, she made reference to why she believes this is happening.

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Carlos Cortez, joined Stew to discuss,  he’s the founder and CEO of Cortez Wealth Management, he’s a financial expert, independent fiduciary and a Stew Peters Show contributor.

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