Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room today and unleashed on the Biden Administration’s new plan to go door-to-door to convince American’s to get the jab. As usual, she didn’t hold back.


Steve Bannon:  “Did you ever believe in your life that from the White House they would ever sit there and go, we are going to go door to door on something like vaccines?”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “No, no. No one believes any of this would be happening. Anything thats happening we could have never dreamed up because its a nightmare and it shouldn’t be happening.”

“You know what’s wrong with he Biden admin and Dr. Fauci? They’re lying to everyone. All the statistics are there, all the data is there, the biggest risk factor for Covid-19 is obesity… We should be addressing obesity and solving peoples problems.

“But they want to go around door to door and lie. Their giving away free donuts, they are giving away money trying to give vaccines to people.”

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“You have Jen Psaki saying people can’t get them so we gotta go door-to-door. No you don’t have to go door-to-door. Actually you should stay away from peoples door trying to stab people with this non-FDA approved vaccine.”