Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was suspended again by Twitter on Monday night after she tweeted material about COVID-19 that the big tech giant claims is in violation of their “misleading policy.”

Greene, while discussing COVID-19, discussed how people over the age of 65, as well as those who are obese, should not be required to get the vaccine.


The statement got her locked out of her account for 12 hours. A Twitter spokesperson said that her account is in “read-only” status and some are suggesting she may be banned permanently from the platform.

Twitter’s COVID-19 misleading information policy states that “false or misleading information concerning the virus’s prevalence, risk of infection, or mortality” will result in action.

Twitter also, because they don’t accept different viewpoints, added a warning banner  to several of Greene’s tweets, which reads, “This tweet is deceptive. Learn why more individuals should get vaccinated, according to health professionals.”

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Certainly Twitter is allowed to have whatever policies they want as a private company, but determining for the world what is true and/or misleading is a stretch, particularly since they have gotten things wrong so many times themselves.


Does Marjorie Taylor Greene occasionally say bombastic statements? Yes. Do we always agree? No.

But it is also her right to do so, and while elderly and obese individuals are more susceptible to lots of medical issues, not just COVID, her remarks that they should be be required to take the vaccine is spot on.

American citizens of all ages and walks of life should be able to determine on their own whether or not they take the vaccine, and Twitter and other big tech platforms continue to show just how power hungry they are by silencing opposing voices and pushing their values and medical advice on platform users.

Greene stated during a Facebook Live on Monday night that “freedom of expression is under attack in America like never before,” adding that Republicans are “experiencing being canceled every single day” in response to the most recent prohibition.


Regardless of where individuals stand on the virus, the election or any other hot button topic, the bottom line remains: individuals should be able to choose how they feel about it and then not be accosted for having their views, should they be different than what the Democrats, the media and big tech want it to be.

It doesn’t mean they are right, it just means they are free.


This piece was written by LifeZette Staff on July 20, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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