“People keep asking me today, did he win California? People keep asking me that. Okay, you want me to wait until August 10th to tell ya? Okay, the answer, this is gonna be a subjective answer but it’s the best answer I can give you. If you take the machines, if you take that fraud out of the picture, he still loses by a little bit. But, I call it, that’s the machine fraud, that’s the cyber attack. Now there was some, I call the organic theft. This is what Donald Trump wins all those other swing states on. That’s dead people voting, illegals voting, non residents voting, minors voting, people with 7 ballots voting. That’s the organic theft, okay? If you add that into California, I believe Donald Trump won the state of California.” – Mike Lindell

“And now the media is going to call me all day tomorrow and I can tell them about China attacking our country through the machines.” – Mike Lindell


Mike Lindell To Host White Hat Hacker Cyber Forensics Symposium to Expose Stolen Election

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Mike Lindell Puts Hack Fake News Reporter In His Place On The Election