At CPAC yesterday Mike Lindell interacted with a lefty reporter while conducting another interview.  The reporter was pressing Lindell on his election fraud claims and Lindell fired back.


Watch below:

Mike Lindell: “The Supreme Court is there to protect our country!”

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“In our country’s history, if there is fraud involved, there is no statute of limitation. They take that guy that won, they put him in back in office, its just never happened at the presidential level.”

“After the whole world sees on the 10th, 11th, 12th that we have the packet captures for the whole election… then the Supreme Court will vote 9-0 to pull this down.”

“The packet captures we have, we do not need those audits, but if you have the packet captures, which we do, but if we didn’t have them, all them audits are going to prove the exact same things.”

“You have two pathways to pull this election down and it’s getting pulled down.”

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It’s about to get interesting.