Fulton County, GA – Looks like there’s some people in deep trouble. These things that were uncovered don’t seem to have any logical reason for being other than that it’s election fraud.


Heather Mullins: Fraud in the 2020 election. And I’m here with Garland and we’re gonna actually show it to you. Garland, why don’t you tell us a little bit. Tell them what exactly are we seeing behind us here?

Garland Favorito: What we’re looking at, Heather and Steve, tally sheets that were the auditors for the Georgia audit that was conducted on November 14th and 15th in Fulton County. They fill these out as they counted the ballots. Typically you would see 37 to 43, 61 to 48, something like that. But here we have tally sheets that are 100 to nothing for ballots. So somebody filled this out. But it’s not just one of these. We have seven of these and we’re gonna kind of scroll through and show you these, right? There’s another one, 100 to nothing. The actual counts of these are like 59- 42 in terms of ballot images. Here’s one that is 150 to nothing.

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Heather Mullins: Yea, so basically every, the people that were filling, doing the audit would count the batches and then write in fraudulent numbers. Because they have the corresponding images for these batches and they do not match these sheets. So whoever was doing them committed fraud. And what I asked him in the press conference is are these sheets signed by the person that’s doing them and apparently they are Steve. And not only that, the Secretary of State has the information. These sheets that they got, it’s redacted. So they can’t determine who was doing this but we know that whoever did, commit fraud. Now I want tot switch over to the images of the ballots, right? These ballots images that they obtained through their lawsuit that are the official images from the Dominion machines. Two different ballots right here, right? This is the ballot number, the batch, or ballot number here, different from here. But as you can see, it’s the exact same markings.


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